18 Tips For Create Shareable Content on Instagram

18 Tips For Create Shareable Content on Instagram

18 Tips For Create Shareable Content on Instagram – Understanding all the metrics is essential as they serve as signs of what post works well for your account. And one metrics is “SHARES” Yes! It’s cliche to hear that it’s just a vanity metric, but wouldn’t it be great to know your posts making a buzz all over the platform?

More shares = more engagement = more traffic = more conversion. Creating shareable content is one way we can get more views to our account. It’s not just simply numbers; they only mean that your content is highly relatable or valuable to your audience.

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Here’s are 18 tips for create shareable content on Instagram

  1. Create problem-solving content
  2. Understand your target audience and deliver what they need
  3. Post inspirational quotes
  4. Share indsutry memes
  5. Talk about current and upcoming trends
  6. Bust top industry myths
  7. Share the latest industry news and updates
  8. Add humor to your content
  9. Share your story
  10. Answer FAQs
  11. Recommend tools, books, podcasts, etc
  12. Tell common mistakes people commit in your industry
  13. Share step-by-step-guides
  14. Run a contest/giveaway
  15. Post controversial topics
  16. Tell top 3 industry leaders that inspire you
  17. Share helpful hacks, tips, and tricks
  18. Share useful industry-related videos

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