Know Your Best Instagram Format

Know Your Best Instagram Format

Getting clarity with all the formats definitely helps you to work on your favorite formats, so it’s a complete guide for Instagram Formats to use.

Are you getting confused to select your best Instagram format to grow?

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Know Your Best Instagram Format

Instagram Stories

  • Nurture relatonships with audience
  • Makes everything personal
  • Help to boost engagement
  • Helpful to promote services/products
  • Build authenticity & credibility


  • Best for your branding or brand story
  • Help people to easily curate
  • Build trust by showcasing BTS
  • Increase conversion rate of account
  • Add testimonials, feedbacks & services for better results

Instagram Posts

  • Single Posts
    • Rank on hashtags
    • Increase reach
    • Infographics, memes, checklist etc
    • Easy to grab
  • Carousel Post
    • Good for explore
    • Gives more follows
    • Tutorials, how-to, guide etc
    • Detailed & engaging

Instagram Reels

  • Best for increasing reach
  • Short & entertaining
  • Better for Trends & mini tutorials
  • Highlight your brand persona
  • Improve your engagement rate

Instagram Videos

  • Long form video content
  • How-to & tutorials series
  • Live sessions, QnA, events
  • Underrated becaus of YouTube

(Tip: Use 1 sec video to get higher reach or views because of continuous loop)


  • Best way to group your content by topics
  • Share your brand story or message
  • Provide step-by-step instructions
  • Easy to create, easy to grab

IG has different kinds of post formats, so make sure to use them to notify Instagram that you are updated with the new additions!

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