6 Rules of Content Creation

6 Rules of Content Creation

We need to continually be showing up and creating content. This can be a daunting thing to consider but these 6 rules of content creation should help you understand the importance of this (and hopefully clear up a few misconceptions along the way).

Content creation is something we need to be comfortable with.

So here is 6 rules of content creation to follow:

1. Put in the work

Show up regularly and keep bringing content as often as you can.

2. Experiment

Experimentation is the key to unlocking your potential and finding what you are truly great at.

3. Improve over time

The longer you do something the better you get. Practice makes progress.

4. Done is better than perfect

Strive to create your best work but understand that true progress comes through many iterations.

5. You are not the best judge

It’s very hard to be truly objective about your own work. Learn to take constructive criticism (from the right sources!).

6. Plans are overrated

Plans are fine until something changes. Instead, move in your intended direction but be willing to adapt if unforeseen circumstances occur.

In content creation the very very important thing is that we experiment with different things. While experimenting with different things we will explore many things. We will know much better that how the things will work and what exactly will work for us.

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