15 Captions to Hook Your Audience on Instagram

15 Captions to Hook Your Audience on Instagram

Instagram algo loves posts that make people spend a lot of time on the platform as it makes them money! To get favoured by the algo use these 15 caption starters to get your audience hooked!

First impression last, the saying is true and so is crucial when it comes to creating your content. This is where the magic of hooks come into action! They give the audience a reason to read your post further and keep going!

I have compiled 15 captions to hook your audience and get them to engage.

15 Captions to Hook Your Audience on Instagram

  1. Why your x sucks
  2. Stop doing this x mistake
  3. 10 quick fixes to improve growth improve x 10x
  4. 3 things you don’t know about x
  5. Explore your Instagram with x
  6. Don’t do x
  7. Stop doing x consistently
  8. Never do this x
  9. Grow your Instagram 10x faster with x
  10. Don’t do this sh*t
  11. 5 websites you didn’t know about
  12. It’s illegal to know about x
  13. Simple hack to learn x
  14. 5 mistakes that are deadly for growth

Which of these caption starters would you try? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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