Here are 6 Instagram SEO Tips You Need Today

Here are 6 Instagram SEO Tips You Need Today

For so many years, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been the way we found articles about different things on google.

The same technology is now on Instagram, and if you want your account to rank for specific keywords, then this is the post for you.

What is Instagram SEO?

Instagram SEO means optimizing your profile and content to be discovered in Instagram search results.

What is Instagram SEO important?

The answer is YES. These Instagram SEO tips are very useful for:

  • It positions your account in front of people searching for content related your niche. Example: Suggested feeds.
  • Helps Instagram Algorithm understand what your posts are about.
  • Helps Instagram Algorithm understand your niche.

Here are 6 Instagram SEO tips you need today

1. Profile name

  • Add keywords related to your niche on your Profile Name
  • Using name + niche keyword.
  • Example: Leroy | Social Media Marketing | Content Creator

2. Optimize your Bio

  • Add relevant keyword saying whom you help and how.
  • Don’t add unnecessary words in your bio.
  • Enter useful site links

3. Captions

  • Captions can help your rank on search results.
  • Add keywords in your captions depending on the post you share.

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4. Hashtags

  • Always use relevant hashtags.
  • Use all hashtag categories related to your niche, industry, content, and location.
  • For example: if your post is about content #content #contenttips #contentstrategy #instagramcontent.
  • You can use the Instagram search bar to discover popular keywords and learn which hashtags the people you follow are interested in. These will likely resonate with your audience too!

5. Alt text

  • Ensure you add Alt text in all your posts.
  • Alt text helps your image to be SEO friendly.
  • Describe your image in detail.
  • The general rule I know says alt should be less then 100 characters. But I feel like for Instagram it should be not more than 10 words.

6. Location Tags

  • Always include your location on your posts.
  • This will help your content rank on different location.
  • Try to switch your location more often.

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